Find Blocking Sessions

Blocking Sessions can cause a lot of problems in Oracle. Tracking these sessions is important because as the name says, they are blocking which means that the blocked session won't be able to finish unless the blocking session has done its work.

Finding locked database object

Often when you've got a lock in your system, you'd quickly like to know the object causing the problem. Here's a simple query which does just that.

Monitor Code Changes

Ever wanted to know who creates or modifies an object in your database? Want to see what views, tables or packages your co-workers create? This trigger does the trick!

Monitor long running Oracle operations

You're probably trying to avoid that but sometimes when you have to run a long running operation like a full table scan on a table with millions of rows, you'll want to know how long you have to wait until that operation finished. Check this article for more information.

Determine Database Uptime

Want to let management know how well your database is running?

Prohibit Excel from Connecting to your Database

You want to make sure no one connects to your production database using Excel, Sqlplus or another tool?

Monitor Database errors

Want to make sure no one creates code errors in a database? Check this article for an easy monitoring solution.